The Jerusalem Syndrome Documentary - 59 min
Two young Americans, one Muslim and the other searching for his Jewish roots, travel to Israel and Palestine in hopes of finding peace.


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About the Film

Read the director's personal statement about the film, the story and how it came about as featured in Indiewire Magazine:

The Filmmakers

  • Sohrab Pirayesh

    Born in Iran and raised in North America, Sohrab is a screenwriter and filmmaker who focuses on themes relating to identity, faith, isolation, technology and the synthesis of eastern and western values and culture. Sohrab holds a Bachelor's degree in film studies from UC Berkeley and resides in Los Angeles.

  • Todd Schwartz

    Born to a Christian mom and Jewish dad, Todd grew interested in political science, specifically in Israel, while at UC Berkeley. He received his J.D. at the University of Illinois and is a practicing attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area. He and Sohrab have worked on two short films together.


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